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Ptosis Surgery – Low Cost Procedure from Eyebag Removal in Singapore

When an individual has a droopy eyelid, medically and formally known as Ptosis, and seeks to get surgery for their condition, something common they often hear is that they are vain for doing so. There is a general belief among society that an untreated droopy eyelid does not have any health consequences, and thus correction for it is simply for aesthetic reasons. This is the reason why ptosis is common in Singapore – because people aren’t keen to treat it. #Ptosis #droopyeyelid


Blepharoplasty Surgery – Rena's World

#Blepharoplasty surgery is the term used to describe the cosmetic surgery of the eyelids by a blepharoplasty doctor. It promotes a more younger look by “waking up” the sagging skin around the eyes. This Cosmetic surgery removes or lowers the extra fat and skin from one of the eyelids or both if needed. Drooping eyelids … Read More