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Dr Chua Veritas Review From Moricara

To summarise, basically #Botox is a brand name that became a collective term. It stands for Botulinum toxin, and there are other brands such as Dysport and Xeomin (same thing really). It works to temporarily paralyse muscles by blocking the signals from your nerves. This inhibits muscle movement, thereby preventing wrinkles from developing or worsening. The toxin works locally at the point injected (though it may migrate up to 3cm according to one article), so a doctor who is experienced will be able to best identify which part is best for the injection. #review #singapore


Dr Chua Veritas Review by Stephanie Yong at TintedWhiteRoses.com

#Veritas #Singapore #Review I’ve been so so caught up with life and work these few months =/ It has really been exhausting for myself honestly and I’m really thankful that I did manage to take a short breather away to Batam :D. Located conveniently at CAPITOL PIAZZA, the clinic is a stone’s throw away from City Hall Mrt 😀 For office ladies, you can get your quick fix of laser/aesthetic treatments during your lunch hour.