Top Hair Loss Centres in Singapore – Singapore Beauty

Some so-called natural scalp treatments may not be dermatologically tested and can contain harsh irritants. However, there are quite a number of hair loss centres in Singapore centred around the natural and herbal concept. There are countless scalp treatments and hair loss solutions in the Singapore market


DoctorXDentist – The Doctor’s Guide To Fat Freeze CoolSculpting In Singapore

This guide explains how the fat freeze CoolSculpt can help you get rid of stubborn fat. How does Fat Freeze #CoolSculpting work? Losing weight makes fat cells smaller, but does not get rid of the fat cells. On the other hand, the CoolSculpting procedure permanently reduces fat cells in the treated area with a single session. This also means that if you put the weight put back on, it will not show up in those treated areas!

My Rejuran Journey at Veritas Medical Aesthetics – THE LIFESTYLE COLLECTIVE

The last aesthetic treatment I had undertaken was Ulthera, over 8 months ago. But in due course, thanks to my generally bad lifestyle and accompanying stress, the effects were starting wear off and something had to be done before people commented about how tired I was starting to look (again). I am not into quick…